Bristol's leading Waste Reuse, Recycling and Collection Company

Imagine a world without waste! Where waste is seen as a resource that can be used by others! This is Collecteco’s world. Collecteco exists to help our clients reuse and recycle the maximum and we supply a range of services to achieve this.

Our clearance services clear anything from one item to a premises full. Our professional crews do all the lifting and shifting and ensure the correct paperwork is completed. We love reuse and the majority of the “waste” that we clear is reusable in that it can be used by someone else in its current state. Take for example, a desk from an office, recycling is good, but why would you dismantle a desk for recycling when you have charities that need a desk? Why recycle when you can reuse?

Reusable items and materials that we collect enter The Chrysalis. Here the metamorphosis of waste to valuable resources takes place for a range of good causes, including charities, voluntary groups, schools, SMEs and other organisations.

We also supply a range of day-to-day recycling services and these recyclables and any non-reusable, recyclable materials from our clearance service are taken to our recycling centre to be bulked-up ready for their new journey to become new raw materials.

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