The Collecteco Hierarchy

Redeployment is at the top of the hierarchy as it involves reusing within the client’s own organisation, whether this be to serve a current need on another site or arranging storage for future reuse by the client. This often has the greatest benefit in terms of reducing C02 and saving procurement costs.

In an ideal world, redistribution would occur directly from site to good causes. However, this is the real world and the vast majority of the sites we deal with need to be cleared quickly. We arrange for reusables to be stored locally, which means sites are cleared on time and on budget, whilst getting the reusable kit to a safe place to be donated to good causes on a more relaxed deadline.

Remanufacture comes in many shapes and forms and could involve reducing the size of desks or reupholstering seating. Upcycling also falls into this category and we can also put repair here too. Whatever you call it, remanufacture is about making reused kit more relevant to an end user, which in turn increases the amount that can be reused. The remanufacturing process calls upon a range of charities, small businesses and artists, amongst others, which creates training opportunities and generates value for the local economy.

If items cannot be reused, i.e. beyond repair, obsolete, etc, then they are dismantled and if the component parts cannot be reused, they are sent with other materials for recycling.

Anything left over is sent to generate heat and power – not ideal, but better than landfill! Depending on the project, we endeavour to send no more than 5% of “waste” to energy recovery, but we are much happier when this is less than 1% or nothing!!!

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