At Collecteco we help UK businesses donate surplus furniture and equipment to charities, schools, voluntary groups, the NHS and other not for profit good causes. Using our ever-expanding network of good causes, we quickly find homes for your leftover kit wherever you are in the UK.
Every project generates a fantastic social value report on how your donations have helped the community.

Maximise Donation, Minimum Effort

Whether your business is relocating, refurbishing or any other activity that generates reusable furniture and equipment, donating kit to good causes demonstrates a triple bottom line:
Good for the environment by reducing raw material consumption and CO2 used to produce, package and transport new products.

Good for the community in that it releases quality kit to good causes so that they can focus their funds on carrying out their core work.

Good for business by avoiding labour, haulage and transport costs and generating a fantastic social value report that demonstrates to your staff, clients and the wider community that you care.

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I want to donate surplus furniture and equipment to good causes and generate a social return on investment.

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Good Cause

My charity, school, voluntary groups, NHS or other not for profit, good cause needs good quality furniture and equipment.

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