Case Study: Roped Into Reuse

The Challenge:

PPS Pipeline carries out major installations of pipelines for energy and utility applications. The giant pipes are delivered in sections and rope is wrapped around these sections at certain intervals to act as protection from damage in transit. As a consequence of this project, Collecteco were approached to deal with some 5 tonnes of 3 metre long, mixed polymer rope waste.

The Solution:

Collecteco were tasked with finding an alternative to landfilling this waste stream. Although made of PP and PET strands, the two polymers could be easily separated by hand with a few strategic cuts and the original plan was for Collecteco to commission a project for people with learning difficulties, but further investigation revealed a good reuse opportunity. We had to assume that the rope was non-load bearing so could not be reused in conventional rope use terms, but we were approached by the Children’s Scrapstore, who make “wastethings playthings”. The rope was used to stock the charity’sPlayPods which are big shipping containers delivered to primary schools and nurseries. They are stacked full of interesting and fun items that allow children to explore a range of practical skills through play.

The Results:

+ C02 Reduction
+ Jobs/Training Created: Collection/warehousing/delivery/income for Scrapstore
+ Landfill Diverted: 5000kg