Case Study: Maximising Reuse

The Challenge:

As a major relocation company, Harrow Green are often tasked with clearing unwanted furniture from clients’ premises and are committed to maximising reuse above recycling and landfill. Baker Tilly is a leading provider of accounting and business services. They relocated their Bath office to Bristol. Whilst most of the furniture was redeployed within the organisation and to charity partners, there was a surplus of reusable furniture that they were keen to see rehomed.

The Solution:

Harrow Green approached Collecteco to find homes for the unwanted furniture and due to the timescales involved,Collecteco arranged for Harrow Green to deliver the kit to its sister project, The Chrysalis. This meant that Harrow Green had a convenient and cost-effective solution for reusing the assets. In all, 51 items were delivered to The Chrysalis, including desks, pedestals, bookcases and cupboards. Within hours of the stock arriving over a quarter was being delivered to a local organisation. Reuse is a case of supply and demand. Often reuse is not maximised because reusers run out of capacity or “fill-up” quickly. The Chrysalis has been designed with this in mind. It is a 20,000 square foot facility that has the capacity to accept high volumes of reusables and store these until such time that there is a demand for them.

The Results:

+ Landfill Diverted: Approx 3000kg
+ C02 Reduction: Transport movements reduced versus landfill
+ Reuse vs. buying new items made from virgin resource
+ Jobs/Training created & supported: collection/warehousing/cleaning/delivery
+ Support of local good causes
+ Cheaper to reuse rather than skip furniture