About Collecteco


The Collecteco team are based in Bristol but work with companies across the UK to donate furniture, equipment and materials to charities, schools, NHS Trusts, and other not for profit organisations.

Everyone on the team has a passion for reuse and keeping quality furniture, equipment and materials out of landfill.


Established in 2005, Steve Sliney had prior been working in the recycling sector and later worked with a community furniture project. Because of this background, he noticed how much quality commercial furniture and equipment was going to waste.

Although there were a lot of projects able to help householders reuse domestic furniture and equipment, there was not enough around to help businesses and other organisations.

Consequently, Collecteco is a solution that fulfills that demand.

Collecteco’s mission is simple: to help organisations donate furniture, equipment, and materials to good causes.

Our Story


From humble origins in waste management, we saw an opportunity to make a significant impact in the world. A company’s need for office space, furniture, and equipment, change and evolve as the company does. Often this is well before the kit reaches the end of its life-cycle.


The problem is that during times of change, the priority for most businesses is to get the premises clear as soon as possible. Because of this, the quick option is to dump the lot into landfill. Both damaging for the environment and the business for it is a sunk cost.


The other side of this coin is the UK’s not-for-profit organisations need help. These good causes are desperate to help others and are always struggling for resources.


If we could use our expertise in waste management to convince businesses that we can handle the premises clearance professionally, we could build a network of good causes that require kit. Then we could organise processes to give them the relevant kit.


After several years of honing our concept, we were accepted onto a national business accelerator and are now working with some of the largest companies in the world, to generate great corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Our Team




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