Why Companies donate furniture to Good Causes

How we help Companies

At Collecteco, we help companies in the UK donate surplus furniture and equipment quickly to good causes that desperately need it. Therefore, generating a social return on investment. Your unwanted kit will be rehomed to good causes in the form of in-kind donations

The Collecteco team will work with you to make sure your surplus furniture can be donated quickly, safely, legally and with minimum disruption.

Alongside this, we will supply an audit trail for all kit due to donation, so that you can demonstrate a duty of care. Additionally, that liability is shifted to Collecteco and then onto the good cause receiving the donation

We take away the stress of doing the right thing.

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This way companies get to do the right thing and we prepare a social value report so your business can demonstrate philanthropy in CSR programmes.

We respect the very hard work done by the charities, schools, NHS trusts and other not for profit good causes that we support. We cherish the contributions that they make to our communities helping people around the UK. We believe they have the right to work in a comfortable and safe environment, so if we can donate kit to help them help others, then that sounds great to us!

We want to empower good causes to spend their funding on impacting on communities and helping people, not buying new kit.

The kit we donate to good causes is modern and good quality, often better than if they were to buy new on their limited budgets.


Every project has unique requirements, but the common thread is that the companies we work with want to do the right thing and donate surplus kit into the community.


The Collecteco team will be your contact throughout the project and we will closely liaise with you to plan, manage, and execute the project.


Your Collecteco contact will match your donations with good causes and make arrangements for the kit to be collected from your premises by professional, HS compliant crews.


Finally, case studies and other important facts will be reported back to you to demonstrate that your company cares.

Social Value Report

Collecteco will turn your surplus furniture and equipment into a fantastic report on how your organisation demonstrates social value. You want to donate your surplus furniture and equipment to good causes because your company cares.

Additionally, our Social Value Report will demonstrate how your donations have helped the community. Our report will detail good causes supported, case studies, CO2 savings, weights diverted, in-kind funding figures, and other information.

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Supporting Good Causes

We have worked with many companies who have supported countless good causes over the UK. Here are some testimonials from good causes showing how the donations of furniture, equipment and materials have benefited their organisations and the people in their communities.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust

“Our NHS Trust has greatly benefited from several kind donations of furniutre to the Trust from Collecteco. It’s with great satisfaction to see the NHS staff smiling because of your kind donations of office furniture.”

Alexander Ford

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust


The Creative Youth Network

“I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done to help us receive our Nexus recycling bins for our sites. We will be able to set up and help inspire the next generation to recycle well on our sites!”

Joanna Pengilley

The Creative Youth Network


Avonmouth C of E Primary School

“With more demand than ever being placed on our budget, I do not know what we would have done without the generous donations we have received.

Thank you from all the staff at Avonmouth School!”

Jackie Hall

Avonmouth C of E Primary School


Stafford and Rugeley Sea Cadets

“Very big thank you on behalf of Stafford and Rugeley Sea Cadets for the donation of carpet tiles. We initially had hoped to re-carpet our reception area and corridor, but managed to do our whole building, making it look so much better!

Very much appreciated!”

Charlotte Follard

Stafford and Rugeley Sea Cadets


Faith Church

“Thank you for the materials and furniture that you have donated. We are volunteer-led and without these donations, we would have not been able to carry out the projects necessary to offer this valuable asset to the local community.”

Mike Taylor

Faith Church


Frequently Asked Questions

At Collecteco, UK-based companies often ask us if they really can donate good quality furniture, equipment and materials to charities, schools, voluntary organisations, NHS Trusts and other not for profit organisations around the UK. It’s true! We want to support your company in doing the right thing.

How do you collect donations from companies?

Whatever the project requires, Collecteco will ensure that the premises is cleared on time and budget, whilst being safe and legal.

If kit needs to be cleared quickly, then we can switch on low cost storage at short notice across the UK. That reusable kit can be delivered for onward donation to good causes from there.

If we have the benefit of a bit of notice, then we will allocate reusable kit against the order requests we receive from good causes, who are actively looking for donations. We like to let you know what good cause kit is destined to before it leaves your building.

Collecteco will arrange collection from site and delivery to good causes. We can also ensure the site is cleared on time and according to strict health and safety standards.

How will you distribute the kit we donate?

Collecteco donates kit to not for profit good causes. We encourage good causes to submit a Wishlist, so that we can quickly match the supply of surplus kit to demand from good causes.

Collecteco will arrange collection from site and delivery to good causes so that we can ensure the site is cleared on time and according to strict health and safety standards.

Our aim is to first help the local community. Then we cast our reuse net regionally and nationally. There is more than enough demand for donations from good causes in the UK, but sometimes we do donate medical and education equipment to charities working in developing countries as there is very little demand for this kit in the UK.

What does an 'audit trail' look like?

Liability for the donated kit will pass from your organisation to Collecteco and then to the good cause recipients. Good causes will sign a waiver to state that they accept donations as seen, unwarranted, untested and that they will get any electrical equipment PAT-tested before use in their premises. Liability for the donated kit can be a significantly perceived barrier to maximising reuse. But in over 15 years of working in reuse, we have never had a problem and the good causes are very grateful, which, of course, we feedback in the report.

While our passion and objective are to maximise reuse, Collecteco is a waste carrier, registered with the Environment Agency. In addition to a full list of reusable kit leaving the site, any non-reusable furniture and waste leaving the premises will be recorded on a recycling/waste transfer note or hazardous waste consignment note (non-reusable fridges, TVs, etc.).

How do I know where my donated kit has helped the community?

Collecteco follow-up every project with a social/environmental value report detailing good causes helped, in-kind funding generated, carbon savings and other key facts.

Please get in touch and we’d love to send you some example reports – Contact us.

Do the companies have to pay for anything in order to donate their kit?

Rather than companies paying to put surplus furniture and equipment into skips or landfill, they pay Collecteco to donate it.

Does Collecteco collect non-reusable furniture and waste?

Our primary role is to match reusable furniture, equipment and materials with the good causes we support. However, if a project needs a site to be completely cleared, then we will arrange that, so that the site is totally clear at the end of the project. We do not cherry-pick and if we say we’re going to take, for example, 600 desks, we will take 600 desks with any non-reusable furniture dismantled for reuse of component parts, recycled or sent for energy recovery. We maximise reuse, then recycling and send nothing to landfill!

As a waste carrier registered with the Environment Agency, Collecteco will issue waste transfer notes and hazardous waste consignment notes for non-reusable kit leaving site.

What does a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Report look like?

Take a look at our case studies page to see reports from previous jobs.

How does Collecteco get paid?

Rather than companies paying to put surplus furniture and equipment into skips or landfill, they pay Collecteco to donate it to good causes around the UK. These good causes include charities, schools, the NHS, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, and other not for profit organisations.

Interested in donating surplus furniture to good causes?

Start a conversation with us today and we'll help you do the right thing in partnership.