Good causes

How Does Collecteco Help Good Causes?

What we do

Collecteco help UK businesses find a new home for surplus furniture and equipment by donating to charities,
schoolsvoluntary organisations, the NHS and other not for profit good causes. 

We do this to empower good causes to maximise their spending on impacting communities and helping people, rather than buying new office furniture and equipment.

Give us a call to find out more on:

0117 244 3777

The Collecteco Wishlist

If you are a good cause who needs furniture, equipment and materials donations, please fill out a Wishlist form to let us know what you require to benefit your organisation.

A Wishlist form is an expression of interest so we will be in contact when the items on your Wishlist become available to your good cause.

When items become available, we will allocate you items requested and match you to the best project taking place. If we cannot help you straight away, we will add you to a waiting list for those items.

Submit your Wishlist today!

Who Can Receive Donations?

Are you involved with a not for profit, good cause struggling to achieve your goal due to tight budgets?

Types of organisations eligible to receive donations:

  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • NHS Trusts
  • Other Not for Profit or Non-profit organisations

If so, fill out a Wishlist form and we will contact you when your items become available near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Collecteco, UK-based non-profit organisations often ask us if they really can receive donations of good quality furniture, equipment and materials from us for free. It’s true! We want to help the local communities around the UK as much as we can.

What is a good cause?

Collecteco partners with businesses across the UK to donate furniture, equipment and materials to charities, schools, NHS Trusts, social enterprises, voluntary groups, local authorities, housing associations and other not for profit good causes.

I’m a good cause, outside of the UK, can I apply?

We can only donate to not for profit or non-profit organisations and need to show evidence to our clients that we have verified an organisation’s not for profit status. As a non-UK entity, we need to be able to verify your organisation’s charitable status. Suggested ways of doing this could be:

  • An email from a UK-registered charity or other not-for-profit or non-profit incorporated organisation verifying your not for profit/charitable status. This needs to be via their official email address associated with their organisation. We would need to be able to verify their charitable status via the Charity Commission.
  • An email from the relevant Embassy or Commission, depending on where the charity or not for profit is based. This needs to be via their official email address associated with their organisation.
    How does Collecteco give to good causes?

    We recommend that good causes check out the Collecteco Catalogue to see what items we have available in different locations around the UK. Then good causes can fill out a Request Form to let us know what they would like from relevant inventories within the Catalogue, based on location.

    Can good causes get the kit for free?

    YES! If you’re a not for profit good cause in need of a good quality kit you can create a wishlist and get furniture, equipment and materials from us for free!

    Can good causes collect kit from you and not have it delivered?

    In some cases, where security and health and safety permits, we can allow collection from site or we can arrange for collections to be made from a local storage facility. We usually prefer to arrange low cost at cost (i.e. no mark-up) delivery to the good cause, so that we can ensure that site is cleared on time and no good causes miss out on what they need.

    How does Collecteco get paid?

    Rather than corporate clients paying to put surplus furniture and equipment into skips or landfill, they pay Collecteco to donate it.

    Start a conversation with us today and we'll help your good cause receive the donations you need to benefit your organisation.