Are you involved with a charity, school, voluntary groups, NHS or other not for profit organisation that needs donations of furniture and equipment?

If so, please use this form to send us a wishlist:

How we do it

We do it by matching your needs to the surplus or unwanted kit from the world of business. We rehome it to good causes in the form of in-kind donations. They get to do the right thing and we prepare them a social value report so they can demonstrate their philanthropy in their CSR programmes. So, everybody benefits.

We believe everyone in not-for-profit organisations deserves to be comfy and have simple things like a chair and desk which are fit-for-purpose. This is how we are able to make it happen, and sometimes we are able to rehome much more.

Great quality equipment, just the delivery for you to arrange

The kit we rehome to good causes is always of good quality and sometimes even better than if you were to buy new. All you need to do is arrange delivery yourself (or we can even do this for you for a small charge). We’ll ask you to participate in a case study too for your business-world donors – to thank them for their generosity.

Please make your wishlist as bold as possible!

We’re serious! Of course, we get lots of “normal” kit like good quality office furniture and the like, but you’ll be amazed at what our clients ask us to rehome.

If we can’t find your donation straightaway, then we will log your requirement and let you know when we have a match.
We will communicate with you regularly, so you know we’re on the case.

Send us your wish list

To get started, email us your wish list along with some basic details about your not-for-profit organisation at You can also complete our online form instead or give us a call to find out more on 0117 244 3777.

One final point. We occasionally get enquiries from good causes who think that what we do is too good to be true. It’s really not. Most businesses genuinely WANT to do the right thing. We just make it easy for them to do it. And we rehome some really fabulous kit to good causes like you. So get your name on our list!


“As a charity run pre-school, we are so grateful for the donation of the furniture. As we endeavour to provide the highest quality learning experiences for the children with our care, the donation from Collecteco has enabled us to enhance our environment even further. The furniture supplied was fantastic, the wish list was easy to complete and we could not believe how quickly the items were available! Thank you for all of your support Collecteco!”

Anston Stones Early Years, Sheffield

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of Collecteco in donating this furniture to our charity and staff that use it feel they are now working in a nice environment. The furniture supplied to us was of excellent quality. We were also impressed with how quickly the items were allocated and delivered to us.”

– PROMPT Maternity Foundation, Bristol