Register as a good cause

Register to Receive Donations

Good Causes must be registered with us to receive donations of furniture, equipment and materials.

Please register your good cause with us using the form provided on this webpage. This will help us to verfiy your charity status, which is required before any donations can be made.

Types of organisations eligible to receive donations:

  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Social Enterprises
  • NHS Trusts
  • Other Not For Profit Organisations

Once you have applied for registration with information about your good cause, we will manually register you on our system and recommend that you fill out a Wishlist form to let us know what items your require for your organsiation.

We will then contact you when the items on your Wishlist become available in your area. We will allocate you the furniture and equipment that you have requested on your Wishlist, from projects we are working on around the UK.

What Information We Need from You and Why

First name and last name:

We need both your first name and last name, to identify you as part of the organisation you are registering on behalf of.

Please note that we will contact you for your first name and last name if you register with initials.

Charity number:

We will need your charity number to verify that you are a registered charity and that the number you register with matches the organisation you are registering on behalf of.

Please note that we will contact you to enquire about your charity number if it is incorrect/missing from your application.

Phone number:

We need your phone number to contact you during the collection or delivery of your orders.

Your phone number will be used as a last minute contact before we reject your application, if you fail to respond to any communication (on the basis that your application has missing/incorrect information).

Please note that we will ask for your phone number when processing any orders you make.

Email Address:

You must register with the email address directly associated with your good cause. Examples of this could be ‘’ or ‘’.

Please note that we will contact you if you register with a personal email address such as ‘’.

Start a conversation with us today and we'll help your good cause receive the donations you need to benefit your organisation.